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Are You really a leader or just a manager?

By on 5. november 2017

Can you create a team? A business leader cannot scale a business by him or herself. The key is your ability to put people around you who may be or are smarter or better than you. It is that team that gets your organization to the goal line and above.

As a leader of other leaders/managers, it is a very important KPI to keep an eye on! In real life, there are unfortunately many managers who are afraid to hire people who are smarter or better than themselves! If you allow this, results will be thereafter and that will reflect on your leadership.

By the way, does your organization have a composition of employees that reflects customer groups and communities? Which means that age’s spread (e.g. 25-70), gender and ethnicity reflect this, if not, then your organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy is BS and illusion.

Can You delegate? You have your team, are you able to give them real work that maximizes their skill-set and motivation, individually and as a team?

Do You have a clear vision for your team? Does everyone understand this vision and their role in it?

Can you communicate in a clear language that everyone in your team understands?

If you want someone to do something for you or with you, then you need to be excellent at communicating and controlling your attractiveness. All communication takes place on the recipient’s premises. You’ve lost if your recipient gets a “not present” in the eyes and says, “exciting or something similar”.

If you look at communication as a form of gravitation that equals clarity times opinion, then the gravitation force lies in equality to communicate. In other words, are you clear and make sense to me?

All communication takes place on the recipient’s premises. And if I think you’re uninteresting or just wrong, you’re so – for me. You must make up your mind if I as a recipient of your communication is important to you or not. If I am not, you’re just communicating to yourself.

A leader’s information and communication, whether it is for employees, customers, media or other stakeholders, should be relevant. Do you give meaning to me – here and now? In the world and context that is mine – right now. Do you have gravity, are you clear and give meaning to those you would like to attract?

In the same way as communication, the ability to listen is important for a leader! For people to buy into a vision requires that they feel that they are heard and listened to. The best leaders are open and listen. People follow people who are honest, thoughtful, compassionate, intelligent and that actually listen to what you have to say.


aPoint IVS announces a new cloud product release delivering a pure digital SaaS services to people managers and HR staff.

By on 6. marts 2017

Contact Information:


aPoint IVS (Company Registration # 37763985)

Allan Cervin, Founder & Managing Partner



+45 50480065



aPoint IVS announces a new cloud product release delivering a pure digital SaaS services to people managers and HR staff. This suite of digital services delivers objective value in a focused area, not currently delivered in an easy to use standard service!






Copenhagen, Denmark – aPoint IVS is pleased to announce the next version of our digital easy to use services for managers and HR personnel, after the initial launch release in January 2017.

Based on market research and feedback, aPoint provides services in a standard format for use in all organization types – local, regional and global.

The current challenge with new hire employee selection is that in the final stage most hiring managers hire based on gut feeling rather than using a data-based model, which includes grading and weighting to deliver priority based on objective (i.e. resume/CV) and subjective (i.e. personality, team chemistry and proficiency exams) criteria collected in one service solution! aPoint Selection Model © combines all input and delivers priorities!

The aPoint Evaluation Model © allows hiring managers and HR, in three time steps, to evaluate and prioritize development of recently hired employees based on the original evaluation criteria, updated with learning from the first months after job commencement. This model is free of charge as part of the Selection Model.

The two models will directly benefit the hiring organization, managers and HR, while simultaneously documenting the entire selection and evaluation process based on the manager’s own evaluation selections.

The new aPoint Leadership and Sales Development models will focus on personal evaluation and development in a peer group comparison. The goal is to develop everyone in the group to perform as the best among them based on your own leadership selections in the evaluation and development models, thus providing knowledge on where to focus and prioritize personal development. At the same time, you receive a prioritization of your direct reports, all submitted in a clearly arranged report with color coding.

The services are currently available in English and Danish language versions and can be paid for using USD, EUR, GBP and DKK via credit card or electronic bank transfer direct from the site. If customers request other language or currency versions, aPoint will provide these once business conditions are present.

“aPoint delivered the first commercial release in January 2017, and with this second release, we add both new models and have updated and added extra functionality to the current models based on market feedback and planned service expansion.

aPoint is a very small company, however, there is nothing that limits global adoption of our services so it’s an exciting journey we are on.”

Allan Cervin, Founder and Owner, aPoint.

aPoint was founded with a clear and unique assumption that the market needs easy to use digital Software-as-a-Service models where objectivity and subjectivity evaluation criteria are compared, graded and weighted to prioritize and evaluate potential candidates in the last part of the hiring process, and deliver a standard form for evaluating and developing leaders and employees with identified priority. aPoint wants to help organizations select, hire and develop the best people possible in any type of organization or region.