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Jeg er ny kunde i FL, USA

Velkommen til den første kunde i Florida, USA

By on 31. oktober 2017

Thank you, to the first customer in Florida, USA.

aPoint’s goal for this new and all other customers is to deliver operational and strategic running value, for any people leader and manager and thus the basis for ongoing business.

aPoint support decision-making and evaluation tasks in personnel management.

The digital cloud models provide objectivity and priority in the final phase of the new hire selection (remove gut feeling selections), new hire onboarding follow up (deliver focus and status) and personnel and team development identification (deliver team status dashboard, individual development plan and priority) as well as giving priority overview of one’s direct staff reports.

Who is the aPoint users?

  • Prime user: Any people manager from CEO and down
  • Secondary users: HR, Headhunters and Management Consultants

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